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What it is required to use Call-IP?

A connection to Internet by broadband from any place of the World.

Open a Call-IP account.

A digital telephone adapter digital Voip (provided by Call-IP at the time of opening the account).

A apparatus of telephone or power station of telephones to make its calls.

How Call-IP works?

The VoIP telephone adapter communicates with our regional VoIP switchboard to register across the Internet. When your telephone has been registered, you will get the dial-tone. This takes no more than a few seconds.

Once installed, the adapter works like a telephone of line. Lift the receiver, listen for the dial-tone and dial the number as usual.

When the user dials, the adapter calls our VoIP switchboard, which in turn connects with the number dialed, establishing the call. 

How much bandwidth it consumes each call?

The consumption of broad band is marginal, approximately 30kb depending on the type of communication (voice or fax). Before installing the VoIP telephone adapters we always evaluate every client’s link to the Internet, capacity, and provider to guarantee that the information connections are not affected.

Why the quality of the calls are more .superior to other VoIP services?

Basically for the combination of the hardware that we install to the client and that we use in our offices. All equipment is the latest technology for balancing and prioritizing the calls. In addition, we utilize the highest quality and most reliable connections between our offices. Call-IP, like no other, guarantees an excellent voice quality without affecting your information traffic.

Must  the connection to Internet have some special characteristic?

No. Call-IP works on any ISP who provides DSL or Cable and utilizes dynamic or fixed lPs, public or internal (LAN). And the average call only requires 30 kb of bandwidth.

How so complex is the installation? 
The installation is extremely simple and does not need changes in your PC or your telephones. CALL-IP adapts to the client.
Can I connect a direct telephone to the adapter?

Yes. The telephony IP adapter allows you to connect telephones to it directly (depending on the installed model), and also you can connect it to your telephone head office so that all the personnel of your company could make calls on your Call-IP's lines.

Is posible dial 911 with Call-IP?
Call-IP does not replace your traditional telephone service and, consequently, it cannot be in use for making (911) emergency calls.

Is there variation of rates according to the schedules?

No, the rate is a flat-rate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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