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Buenos Aires: +54-11-52388196
Córdoba: +54-351–5681842
Rosario: +54-341–5270312
La Plata : +54-221-4480335
Mendoza: +54-261-4058309
Peru: +51-17059752
Mexico: +52-5553507483
España: +34-917610946
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• How it works?
For calls through the international numbers of access the following procedure is followed:
  • Mark the number of access of the country or city where you this at the moment
  • Mark your personal account number and next the numeral key
  • Dial the international number with the following format:

For example to call to the United States marks: Code of Country + Code of Area + Telephone Number + *

• List of countries available
  Country Phone Number
Belgica Belgica 3237470313
Brazil Brasil 552135234223
Portugal Portugal 351211451086
Israel Israel 972775654124
Estados Unidos Estados Unidos (Miami) 13056776822
Canada Canada


España España 34911516306
Peru Peru 5117059751
Chile Chile 5624958400
Australia Australia 61283073812
Nueva Zelanda Nueva Zelanda 6494427354
Mexico Mexico Coming soon
Japon Japon 81345802113
• How to obtain the dedicated service?
  • To obtain this service one is due to be suscripto previously with some of our prepayments plans of telephony.
  • Once made the corresponding payment by activate the service assets immediately and associate for your account.
  • Economic rates for all type of calls.
  • Prepaid system to control the telephonic cost of your calls.
• Additional Services

All our plans have growth options, that allow to remove a greater benefit you to the advantages from telephony IP.

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