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Buenos Aires: +54-11-52388196
Córdoba: +54-351–5681842
Rosario: +54-341–5270312
La Plata : +54-221-4480335
Mendoza: +54-261-4058309
España: +34-917610946
Miami: +1-305-8901832
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June 2007 - The new HTC Touch. More info ...


Plans for Home

Comunicate  with their relatives in ote4r countries the outside with the most convenient rates.

Plans for companies

Interconnect your branches in an economic  and simple ways.
Communicate with your  suppliers does not matter the place of the world where they are. 

Plans for Call Centers

Special Plans for volume of minutes used.

All plans Include

  • Unlimited call incoming
  • Unlimited Called  between equipment Call-IP
  • Possibility of assigning a second number. 
  • Caller ID
  • Prepayment System to call to any destiny with the best rates.


You will be able to ask for numbers of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Europe, etc to call, friends and relatives on a foreing country and pay only one local call.


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