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CALL-IP ‘s Virtual Box is a central telephone office that offers the same features as a conventional telephone switchboard with more functions and less cost. The internal extensions can be Call-IP VoIP devices. This offers portability since we can have an extension at the central office regardless of its geographical location.

With this service, a company does not need to buy a telephone switchboard because it can utilize Call-IP’s VIRTUAL BOX to record its own welcome messages and receive and direct calls to its personnel regardless of where they are.

For example, a company with offices in Argentina, Chile and the USA could use Virtual Box as the only telephone switchboard of your company (without the need to install a conventional switchboard in every office) to produce your welcome messages and to give the option to select personnel no matter if the person is in Argentina, Chile or the USA. It allows assigning numbers of the whole world to your Virtual Box, and also to make unlimited free calls between all the company personnel without regard to their geographical locations.

Some of the principal features that Virtual Box offers as telephone switchboard include:

  • Voice-mail boxes, with the ability to send the received messages by e-mail and a website to administer by web mail.
  • Simultaneous calls on the same telephone number.
  • Conference calls with a control system that allows to the organizer of the conference to mute or eliminate an extension in the conference.
  • Call queues, a system that organizes the in-coming calls by routing them to predetermined extensions “queues”.
  • Grouping of extensions, which allows the in-coming calls to be rolled over to first available extension.
  • Digital receptionist, which enables you to send in-coming calls to extensions, voice-mail boxes, call queues, groups, etc. via an interactive menu. Additionally, the menu allows using multiple integrated digital receptionists.
  • "Not available” function that sends the in-coming calls directly to voice-mail.
  • Call Waiting, enables switching between the current conversation and the in-coming call.
  • Call Forwarding, enables forwarding calls to another extension or even an external number, for example a mobile telephone.
  • Call Busy, routes calls when the extension is busy.
  • Call Transfer between extensions.

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